Words of thanks from the students

Lunch time at Mawembe Kodero Primary School

Lunch time at Mawembe Kodero Primary School

By Ellen Daniels-Howell – Project Leader

While it is difficult to quantify the total impact of our school lunch program, we know the effects have been dramatic. Schools report a rise in attendance – in fact, hungry students travel long distances to attend the schools with whom we partner in order to have the one nutritious meal a day. Over time, students who eat the lunch are doing better in their studies, such that our students are now at the top of their classes academically. Over 120 of those students have now gone so far as to complete high school, and we are thrilled that 23 of our students have been admitted to university with government scholarships. These are accomplishments these young people never even dared to dream during their early childhood days when hunger threatened them to drop out of primary school.

Please take a moment to read a few words from the students themselves:

From Judith: “I would like to thank you very much, because you’ve saved many orphans who were in trouble about their lives. I would like to thank you more and more for the school lunch program. The reason I am saying that is some orphans live with their grandmothers and sometimes that grandmother doesn’t have any work and cannot give us food. Even if you go home for lunch you only get maize and water. I thank you for encouraging us to work hard to achieve something in our life. God bless you.”

From Winans: “I would like to thank you for providing us with lunch that has made the orphans who cannot afford food to have an easier time. And, in fact, one lunch has been as sweet as honey and I wish that the moment we have started taking it, it should not end. May you keep the pot boiling because I believe that there is a drop of greatness in every man. So if you go on helping us, we will really appreciate it.”

From a young girl named Bella: “When we heard the news about Umoja Project helping me, we were surprised and very, very happy. It was God’s answer to our prayers. I benefited from Umoja through sanitary towels and the school lunch program. I was able to eat more regularly. I want to make good use of the opportunity Umoja has given to me. Last term I was in position 3 out of 67. I hope to perform even better as I get ahead. I count myself blessed. Thank you.”

Your support makes a world of difference in the lives of these young students!