Secondary Tuition Program of Umoja Project or STEP UP supports bright students who qualify for high school but may not have the means to pay mandatory fees and expenses.

Although the government is now supporting secondary school, students in Kenya still pay fees to attend school beyond the 8th grade. A year of secondary school for Umoja Project students averages $250 per year. The Kenyan community is providing funds for 14 students.

Our 2019 goal is $34,000 to provide a year of school for 150 students.

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As Umoja Project primary school students receive food and support over the years, more are achieving high scores on the KCPE exam, which determines the secondary education options available to them. We have more students qualify than we are currently funding, and we want to close that gap.

The average cost of a year of high school in our project area is $250. We have increased our number from a total of 100 students, 25 incoming Form 1s, to 35 in 2018, and to 45 in 2019. This year our goal is to support 45 again for a total of 150 students across all four years of school.

With your help, we can help educate more young people, giving them a brighter future and a path out of poverty.

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