Community-Kadeisha-WEBIn an area in which a high percentage of the population lives in extreme poverty it is difficult to mobilize community resources quickly to make programs self-sustaining. Families and schools are overwhelmed by competing needs. In spite of these challenges, the Global Interfaith Partnership is committed to strengthening the community so the Chulaimbo area eventually will be able to meet its own needs long-term.

We believe that strong community relationships and increased self-sufficiency foster hope and are key components to a strong community.

  • 4-Link-teacher (1024x768)We foster close relationships with the children and their families so they are not isolated from the community.
  • We encourage local congregations and schools to provide emotional and spiritual support for the children who are grieving the many losses they have experienced.
  • We develop income opportunities for guardians and schools wherever possible:
    • we employ guardians to tailor school uniforms;Paskalia 2013.4 cropped
    • we teach guardians sustainable agricultural techniques to maximize yields on family farms;
    • we support agricultural and livestock projects in the local schools which provide supplemental food for the school lunch program as well as a source of income; and
    • we develop school water projects for reliable access to safe water, both for use by the school and to sell to the community.Community-Leonard-WEB
  • We encourage former Umoja Project students and guardians to form self-help groups for mutual aid and support.

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