Prayers to Share

We offer the following prayers from various faith traditions. We encourage you to share these with your congregation as we seek to support each other with prayer and encouragement.


Prayer Requests from Umoja students

These prayer requests are from our Umoja students in Kenya.  You can use these in whatever way is appropriate for your congregation (in a newsletter, during worship, or at a special event).

The Student Prayer Requests document includes 95 requests are from primary and secondary students.  Classes 1 through 8 in Kenya are equivalent to grades 1 through 8 in the U.S.; secondary school grades 9 through 12 are known as Form 1 through Form 4 in Kenya.

As you share these prayer requests with your congregation, we encourage you to collect requests from your students, so that we can share them with the Umoja family in Kenya.  The relationships of the Global Interfaith Partnership extend well beyond the exchange of money and goods.  Holding each other in prayer is a way for us to continue to support each other.