Mondays in Kakamega

At home, Mondays during the school year seem to be everyone’s least favorite day of the week — the first day of school after the weekend and the promise of 5 whole days in school before Friday night rolls around again. In Kenya, some of the feelings are the same and some are different. For students, it is different here — school is a privilege, not a dreaded task.

Just kidding — We’re still here!

As it turns out, Lydia and Caroline also stayed in Kenya with Ellen and Callie at Joseph’s home. After we said our goodbyes to the group Friday morning, we journeyed to Kakamega, Kenya where Joseph lives. We were greeted by his family (His wife, Anneh, his two sons, Chesil (6) and Tanzy (2), and his two nieces, Lucy and Yvonne) and were immediately immersed in daily Kenyan life.

Thoughts from Callie

I am not quite sure how, but after two weeks this is my first time writing in the blog. I have attempted many times to start a post but have failed every time. Though some of these times were because of distractions, others were because I was simply at a loss for words.

Search for the Grail

The grail I was searching for was not a golden chalice. It is rather a group of lay women in the Catholic church, who desire to serve the community in which they live. This past week I have been staying with a lady named Rosalia, who is a member of this grail society.