Topgolf Fundraiser Nets Nine Scholarships

Thank you to everyone who came to Topgolf in Fishers on a cloudy afternoon in April. We had a great afternoon of golf, conversation, food, and fun.

The fundraiser raised more than $2300, enough to fund secondary school for nine Kenyan students.

Special thanks to Garland Graves for organizing the event.

Asante sana!

Ronnie Bell and Jim Lemons enjoyed chatting.
Pam Lemons tees up another great shot.
Wes Boland, Doug Mills and Tony Dzwonar take a few swings.
Jim Lemons and Bob Soltis watch the action.
Garland Graves discusses strategy.
Garland takes a swing.
Andy Longo catches up with Detra and Doug Mills.
Andy Longo’s son waits for his turn.
Tony and Jennifer Dzwonar watch the action.
Langston Graves shows off his golf skills.
Mike Boland prepares for his next swing.
Jim Lemons hits the ball.
Michelle Smith takes a swing.
Doug Mills shows his golf form.
Jill Zaniker and Celia Booher enjoy the afternoon.