GET UP Senior Girls send messages back to Indiana

Since I came to the project I never felt like an orphan anymore. I have always benefitted from sanitary towels, the lunch at primary school, uniforms, blankets, and D-light. I am very grateful for everything. I appreciate your loving, caring, and understanding nature. May God bless you. I also thank you for appointing the staff which are so understanding, faithful, and fair. And to and on top they are very dedicated. May God Bless them.
– Doreen, Journalism and Mass Communications, Chuka University

The major lesson I learned this summer: the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others.
– Ruth, intern from Maseno University Social Work and Gender Studies Program.

I was sponsored by the Umoja Partnership when I was in class 7 after a very difficult situation when I lost my parents in a road accident which made me very pessimistic about my future. After a sorrowful moment, the Umoja Project sprang into action and I was taken as a member of the beneficiary. At this moment, I promise to work harder. I was taken to high school which keeps the fire burning unto the end to ensure that I achieve my goals in life.
– Linet, Form 3, St. George’s Sianda Mixed Secondary School

By now, my life has changed and I am no longer an orphan. I have many fathers and many mothers. By now I am a daughter to many mothers and fathers. I am appreciating the Umoja Project for the support they have been giving me and I am enjoying the high school life and also being in this project. The project is admirable. I am glad to be in this project and I am advising and requesting you to continue sponsoring people.
– Lensa 

Umoja has always been a place to be. I term it as a home where lives are transformed. In the midst of the fear of what the future held, confusion and helplessness, Umoja took the burden altogether and my life phase shone once more. I cannot deny the tireless job that is done in Indianapolis just for the sake of them who are like me.
– Lorite, 4th year student in Business Management, More University

I lost both of my parents when I was one year old. My older siblings also died at a young age leaving me with only my grandmother who struggles to support us with her increasing age. But indeed God has been grateful to me through Umoja project. I was lost in the darkness but Umoja gave me hope, and with Umoja family, I don’t feel like an orphan anymore. Umoja is really like a close and passionate friend to me. Umoja has supported my education through paying school fees, my sanitary towels, lunch program in primary school, uniforms, and foodstuffs for home. I really appreciate the fact that you care for us so much, you are such loving and understanding people. I thank all the Indiana people for their contribution.