Global Interfaith Partnership is committed to measuring the impact of our programs and services. Link Teachers have been carefully documenting student names and grades so that we can track our Umoja students through primary school. Link Teachers are volunteer teachers at each school who help us administer the Umoja Project. They identify children in need and help us monitor their progress.

Because we have seen a huge increase in the number of Umoja students sitting for the KCPE each year, we know that our program is helping children stay in school, but now we are working to quantify those results. With the cooperation of our schools, we can measure the success rate of our primary students, and we are better able to determine the reasons that a student might leave primary school. Children leave school to go live with relatives, to go to work, or, sadly, they pass away. This spring we lost a child to pneumonia at Agulu, and two Chuliambo students died, one of malaria and the other drowning.

The up-to-date official number of primary school Umoja students is 3090. We will continue re-checking these numbers and evaluating their success as we move forward. Keep in mind this number does not account for the children who receive food because a classmate shares a meal or a student takes food home for younger siblings.

Primary School Umoja Students
Ogada 171
Bar Union 252
Marera 239
Bar Anding’o 212
Kawino 234
Ulalo 214
Mawembe Kodero 175
Mbakaoromo 183
Nyakongo 155
Chuliambo 156
Kuoyo 138
Huma 103
Agulu 106
Sianda 128
Maliera 173
Lisuka 155
Lwala Kadawa 150
Nametsa 146
TOTAL 3090


20 Duke Divinity School interns, 2 Kalamazoo College interns, and 2 high school students have lived with Chulaimbo families and served the Project as long-term volunteers
34 students who were supported through high school have received government scholarships to attend university.
15 partnering congregations in Chulaimbo meet regularly to guide Umoja’s service delivery in Kenya
30 fuel-efficient stoves provided to schools for lunch programs
30 guardians employed as tailors making school uniforms and masons building houses
32 primary and secondary schools have designated one teacher “Link Teacher” to work alongside the Umoja Project
35 women in Chulaimbo and Indianapolis have participated in Skype conversations about the needs of young Kenyan women through the Global Interfaith Sisters
92 child-headed households receive emergency food supplies
100 Umoja Scholars annually receive secondary school tuition assistance, school supplies and uniforms
114 youth and adults from Indiana have visited the Umoja Project in Chulaimbo
150 household guardians have participated in sustainable agricultural program which help support the school lunch program
200 Indiana youth volunteers involved in the annual Kenya Carnival fundraiser
360 blankets distributed to 180 households
500 adolescent girls receive monthly personal care items allowing them to attend school regularly
640 middle and high school girls participating in Girls Empowerment Team of the Umoja Project (GET UP)
872 guardians participate regularly in mutual aid groups
900 primary school students receive new uniforms
900 teen-aged students attend yearly 3-day Holiday Event celebrating the end of the school year and offering psychosocial support
3,240 Kenyan school students in 18 primary schools receive a daily meal through the school lunch program
583,200 school lunches served in 2015 (approximate) at a cost less than 14 cents per meal ($25/child/year)